Victoria Unikel of 24Fashion TV: “Respect everyone around you”

Respect everyone around you. Earnestly find things in people that are worthy of respect and feel that respect within you. This does not mean that you must lower yourself to the level of truly despicable people, but then you won’t be working with such people, will you? No, you will build a team that will get the job done, and because there is more than one side to anyone, you will find something truly worthy of respect in them. 

As a part of our interview series called “Women Of The C-Suite” , we had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Unikel.

Victoria Unikel is an award-winning international artist, CEO and co-founder of 24Fashion TV — a global fashion network and TV channel (broadcasting on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV to up to 100M total households) with an international team having a total social media reach of over 5M. The soon to be released 24Fashion TV iOS application will reach a potential audience of 1.6B people worldwide. Her company brings the fashion world to industry professionals and members of the general public. Victoria is also the president and co-founder of VUGA Enterprises — a film production company developing several international film projects at this time. VUGA Enterprises also holds several patents pending on real estate and aviation products, services, and business restructuring processes.

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