EXORCIST – superhero and witchcraft killer. Wears a gold medallion that symbolizes her powers. She is an expert at all edged weapons; swords are her favorites. Fires lightning bolts. Can fly. Controls the spirits of all faiths and mythologies.


AIR ANGELS OF THE GOLDEN RINGS – first helpers sent to Exorcist by the Great Power as a reward for each victory. Each time, before they appear, she receives a powerful symbol – a Golden Ring. Angels can move Exorcist through space, distract her foes, and send for help from the powers above.

CHERUBIM – With 2 pairs of wings and 4 faces, these are angels of the highest order, and they only come when called by the Air Angels of the Golden Rings.


TITAN CRONUS – Leader of the first generation of Titans. Cronus ruled over the Golden Age, before rules, laws, and order. Everyone did what was right, and nothing wrong existed. He controls time and space.


HERA – Goddess who rules over Mount Olympus as the Queen of the Gods. Olympus is the home of all the Gods, on Mytikas peak. She is the daughter of Titan Cronus and Rhea.


SLAVER – spirit of evil, that can take control of humans. His latest victim is a young man who lived in a country where a great war raged. His entire family was murdered in front of him, and his house demolished. Sitting amid the ruins and shaking from anger and hatred, he screamed into the bowels of the Earth ‘Whoever is down there, devil, satan or whatever the hell you’re called, give me the power to avenge my family and the innocent!’ At that moment the great power took notice and the young man disappeared!

ZOMBIES – fictional undead created through the reanimation of a human corpse. The dead and the remains of them appear as the first servants of Slaver, and are the lowest of his helpers.


DEMON GUARDIANS – guard the cities against workers of light. They have no power over humans, and their sole duty is not to let The Exorcist through.


DEMON COBRA & servants – guardians of the underworld, messengers between the Upper and the Lower, living in cracks and holes in the ground that were thought to be passageways between the two.


AZAZEL – A fallen angel and one of the leaders of those rebelling against God, who saw the sin brought about by Azazel and had him bound hand and foot and cast into the darkness forever. “Make an opening in the desert and cast him therein, placing upon him rough and jagged rocks and covering him with darkness, to let him abide there forever, and cover his face that he may not see light.”


MARA – is the conductor of the dead and the Goddess of death. Offerings were often placed on her altar. She is one of the Gods of the Dark Side and is followed by her faithful servants, the vultures. Her mask comes off only for those equal to her.