EXORCIST – superhero and witchcraft killer. Wears a gold medallion that symbolizes her powers. She is an expert at edged weapons; swords are her favorites. Fires lightning bolts. Can fly. Controls the spirits of all faiths and mythologies.

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Exorcist Superhero (character and story by Victoria Unikel)

EXORCIST is not just one person – it is a mission and a calling that is given to one person every thousand years to fight for the powers of light and goodness.

Victoria Unikel Exorcist superhero

Exorcist superhero was created by Victoria Unikel to head her scandalous political industrial rock group of the same name in 2007. Exorcist is featured in a series of graphic novels and NFTs. The comic book has been published on Amazon’s comiXology store. A unique limited edition gothic political NFT collection saga is being published on KnownOrigin.io as a long-running series.

The new superhero project Heroines continues this story with a new woman empowerment angle. Heroines is created and led by two women who base all the stories they will publish on actual events from their lives. Victoria Unikel (“Exorcist”) and Aliia Roza (“Roza Spy”) want to empower all women and to give each and every one of them a strong voice in this sometimes cruel world. Their battle cry is one that liberates and embraces, urges on to battle, heals wounds, and will not let anyone get left behind.

EXORCIST is the first superhero to join all religions and mythologies. She fights evil with the power of light. Her nemesis is SLAVER, who fights for the powers of darkness to enslave all mankind into doing their bidding.

The most radical novel concept – is bringing together all people to fight true evil rather than each other. Evil only wants to divide and conquer.  The Exorcist fights for freedom – the freedom of the people against all forces that deem to enslave them. The time of the great battle is surely upon us. The battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. All faiths joined this battle, for they all stood to lose their souls in case of defeat.

THE STORY: Once in a thousand years, the planets align and a unique solar eclipse signals a cruel game that has been played on this Earth for countless millennia.

Each time this occurs, two people are chosen to battle for the forces of light and darkness. They are always those who are at a most desperate moment in life. They face death, desperation, and loss of faith – the moment of complete abandon. At the peak of their vibrations, they are taken by the two warring sides and their memories are wiped clean. They are filled with a single purpose by the great forces of the universe – to destroy each other with superpowers granted to each of them for this purpose. Through these two, dark forces battle the forces of light for control of the Earth and of the minds of its people. The stakes are simple yet immense – the lives, minds, and souls of all mankind.

These two people have an eternal name – the forces of good unite behind EXORCIST, and the others back SLAVER. This is the only manner in which order and peace can prevail on Earth and the END OF DAYS can be delayed.

Finally, the candidates for this millennia’s battle have been found. A girl and a boy were selected, two people who were left with no family or wealth to survive in the world. They were plucked out of their lives, their memories destroyed but with new powers in hand.

The angels of the two sides trumpeted the start of the coming battle by blowing their great horns. All the Gods and demons that ever existed arose once again to witness the battle, and it all began right on cue.

Moscow. Kremlin. Exorcist’s first mission is to rid the Russian capital of the demons that have taken refuge there. She will destroy the Mausoleum to rid the place of its idol and the demons that have been guarding it.